Kern River Lake Isabella Board of Realtors (KRLIBOR)
Phone: (760) 376-3163
Pay Dues

Please bring payment into the office, place in drop box, or mail payment to:
P O Box 853
Kernville CA 93238
***We do not accept credit cards nor pay-pal payments directly due to high cost.*** 

C.A.R. Dues: Dues are due January 1st. However, unpaid members must be inactivated on or before the dues delinquency deadline, which is February 28th.

 N.A.R. Dues:
JANUARY 1 - MARCH 31 - The grace period for receipt of NAR dues ends on March 31. Dues remitted to NAR must be postmarked no later than March 31 and must cover the member board's Primary members who are Active Realtors and Realtor Associates in the count from the National Realtors Database System (NRDS) as of April 1. If the annual dues are not paid by April 1, NAR may assess such late charges and administrative fees up to 1.5% monthly on the outstanding balance. Any member board, Institute Affiliate member or Individual member delinquent in payment of dues by more than 90 days may be required for show cause as to why the Board of Directors, at its discretion, should not revoke the charter of such member board or drop such Institute Affiliate member or Individual member from membership.

According to KRLIBOR & C.A.R. Bylaws: The Designated Brokers will be billed and pay for themselves and each of their agents:
    Section 2. Dues. 
          (b) The dues of each Designated REALTOR® member shall be a base amount plus an amount multiplied by the number of real estate licensees and licensed or certified appraisers under California law to which he or she certified under Article VI, Section 11, and who: (1) are employed by or affiliated as C.A.R. MODEL BYLAWS, March 21, 2017 12 independent contractors or who are otherwise directly or indirectly licensed or certified with such REALTOR® member

Each KRLIBOR Agent will pay their Broker for the MLS Quarterly Dues.

MLS Rule 17.1 Nonpayment of MLS Fees

If MLS fees, fines, charges or other amounts owed the MLS are not paid within one month after the due date, the nonpaying Participant and/or Subscriber’s MLS services shall be subject to suspension until such outstanding amounts are paid in full. The MLS may suspend MLS services under this section provided the MLS gives the Participant and/or Subscriber at least twenty (20) calendar days prior notice of the proposed suspension date. Such notice may be included with the original billing statement for MLS fees, fines or charges or any time thereafter. In the event the amounts owed remain unpaid for three months after the due date, the nonpaying Participant and/or Subscriber’s MLS services shall automatically terminate regardless if notice of such termination is given.