Kern River Lake Isabella Board of Realtors (KRLIBOR)
Phone: (760) 376-3163
MLS Provider
The MLS Software (RealtyPro MLS®) is provided by RealtyPro Solutions -
RealtyPro Solutions LLC, P.O. Box 3262, St. George UT 84771 - (435) 674-0555

  You will pay RealtyProMLS (KRLIBOR's MLS software application and online provider) separately (by credit card or check) for:
   the MLS Services, Application, & online access.
  For info. on MLS Fees charged by RealtyPro Solutions, call 1 (800) 992-8045 or Click Here.
      > One Time Setup Fee: $250 per office.
      > Agent Fee: $102.00 per Agent licensee every six months (prorated January-June & July-December).
      > Single Broker Office Fee: $152.00 per Broker every six months (prorated January-June & July-December).
      > Appraiser Fee: $180 per office every six months (any # of users)