Kern River Lake Isabella Board of Realtors (KRLIBOR)
Phone: (760) 376-3163
Strategic Plan: Our Mission


Strategic Plan for 2019

Reviewed by KRLIBOR Board of Directors March 21, 2019

Our Vision is that KRLIAOR be the credible resource for real estate knowledge and experience in the Kern River Valley
Our Mission is to be an association of Real Estate Professionals committed to the highest level of service and dedication to the community.
We offer our members the following value proposition:
  • KRLIAOR will focus on building a better future of local real estate and the local community.
  • We advocate effectively for our members’ businesses and for private property rights
  • We create and enhance relationships with the Kern River Valley and surrounding communities and the industry to build public trust in and respect for our members
  • We deliver information and data to our members, offer learning opportunities to establish them as market experts, 
        and to improve their ability to serve consumers and the community
  • We will promote diversity within our profession and community

  Goals and Strategies

  • Goal 1: Be the voice of Real Estate in the Kern River Valley
    • We will share the latest insights from local, state, and national real estate via the Association web page
    • We will maintain a social media page to share CAR, NAR, RPAC, CFA and local real estate information
    • We will publish local real estate knowledge, tips, and info in our local newspapers
  • Goal 2: Encourage Community Service
    • We will encourage and create ways for members to become an active part of our community
    • We will assist REALTORS® in encouraging the community to take part in local outreach programs and events
    • We will encourage membership to local organizations
  • Goal 3: Leadership through trust
    • Members will be welcome to voice concerns at open board meetings
    • A voting booth will be implemented for the selection of new board members
    • Electronic open dialogue will be available to members
  • Goal 4: Membership Connectivity
    • Events will be posted on the Association web page, KRLIBOR.COM and be open to all realtors
    • REALTOR® Activities will be planned and posted on the Association web page
    • Caravans will be scheduled and available to all REALTORS®
  • ​Goal 5: Ethical Commitment
    • Pledge to encourage community spirit and value
    • Maintain a high ethical standard
    • Uphold the embodiment of The Golden Rule