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Committee Descriptions per C.A.R.

Committee Descriptions per C.A.R.
California Association of REALTORS®
The committee serves as an advisory committee to the president and oversees and assures that the business of the Association is carried out in accordance with the policies and instructions of the Board of Directors. Individual committees present recommendations to the Executive Committee before being submitted to the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee may make advisory recommendations to the Board of Directors with respect to those committee reports.
The mission of the committee is to monitor and supervise the state implementation of C.A.R. public policy in legislation and regulation; and to evaluate policy recommendations that arise in C.A.R.'s four public policy committees: Transaction and Regulatory, Taxation and Government Finance, Land Use and Environmental, and Housing.  The Legislative Committee reports to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.
The mission of the committee is to be responsible for retention and recruitment of members, and the promotion of the benefits of REALTOR® membership. It also makes recommendations for approval of Honorary Member for Life applicants.  The committee serves a valuable role in monitoring membership policy developments at N.A.R. and assisting in the dissemination of such information to local associations. The committee identifies membership policy issues affecting local associations, studies those issues and discusses possible responses. It may recommend as needed, policy positions to the C.A.R. Board of Directors, including recommending attempts to influence member- ship policy at the National Association of REALTORS® to the best interest of California local associations. Further, the committee may serve as a forum for the exchange of information regarding membership services such as orientations at the local association level.
MLS Policy
The mission of the committee is to work to assure that REALTORS® remain the primary provider of information about real estate. To that end, the Committee: 
a) Promotes and adopts Model MLS Rules and policies that comply with legal requirements N.A.R. policy and, where appropriate, reflect C.A.R. REALTOR® Member desired practice and use of technology
b) Facilitates the exchange of information between local Associations of REALTOR®-OWNED MLSs/Regionals and disseminates information regarding legal developments which impact the ML
The Nominating Committee may, but is not required to, place in nomination the names of Officers and Directors For Life to be elected for the ensuing elective year.  The Committee is also responsible for the selection of N.A.R. Directors from California.  The Nominating Committee is comprised of one voting member from each Region, selected by the C.A.R. Directors from that Region to represent the Region, and one voting Member at Large appointed by the President.  The Committee is Chaired by the Past President who served three years earlier, and the Vice Chair is the Past President who served two years prior.   The Immediate Past President serves as a non-voting committee member, and each Region also designates an alternate to represent the Region in the event the voting representative is unable to serve.  Alternates attend the meetings of the Nominating Committee.  Nominating Committee deliberations are confidential.
Past Presidents
The Past Presidents serve in an advisory role to the Leadership Team.

Political Activities Fund
The mission statement for the Committee shall be "to enhance the California Association of REALTORS® political and legislative effectiveness by evaluating proposals and allocating funds in the following areas: member education; enhancements to the Member Mobilization Program; and other political activities.

Professional Development Forum
Provide a forum to identify the professional development needs, trends and issues of REALTOR® Members. Communicate information between C.A.R. Education and Members, as appropriate, to improve industry professionalism through education. (November 2017)

Professional Standards
The mission of the committee is to strive to promote knowledge of and compliance with the N.A.R. Code of Ethics in order to elevate the industry to its highest professional, ethical ideal. It reports to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. (July 1994)

REALTOR® Action Fund
The mission of the committee is to provide education and tools to increase member participation and to provide support for REALTORS® in the areas of fundraising, education and grassroots involvement at the local level.  The committee's primary function is to raise funds for the REALTOR® Action Fund, train local associations and to provide political education to local members, as needed. (January 2017)
REALTOR® Risk Management and Consumer Protection Forum

To provide a forum to identify trends and issues that may be, or are, putting REALTORS® and/or their clients at risk, to educate REALTORS®, and to provide information to other C.A.R. Committees as appropriate.  (October 2003)

The chairman of the committee is the C.A.R. Sergeant-at-Arms. Committee members are appointed to assist in seating guests at luncheons, banquets, directors meetings and EXPO general sessions. Members are classified as assistant sergeant-at-arms and act as official greeters, in addition to distributing materials for meetings and voting cards at directors' sessions. Members may be assigned to take tickets at closed functions.
Strategic Planning and Finance
The committee coordinates the planning and budgeting activities of the Association.   It is responsible for setting the long term direction for the association by identifying critical issues of importance to REALTORS® based on an analysis of member needs and driving forces affecting the evolution of the real estate market and brokerage industry. The committee also works to ensure the financial viability of the Association. It reviews financial statements, recommends policy changes and reviews and approves proposed expenditures recommended by other committees that are not part of the current budget. It is responsible for developing the annual program objectives and budget which is then presented to the Board of Directors for their approval. The committee meets at each Directors meeting, receiving input from all other committees on issues of concern to the Association, and between meetings as needed. It consists of two subcommittees, Finance and Strategic Planning. The Chairman of the Committee is the Treasurer and Committee members serve staggered three-year terms.
C.A.R. State Director
The role of the C.A.R. Director is to represent the entire membership of the Association.  Certain Directors appointed by the local Associations also serve as Delegates, and have the full authority given by the Association bylaws to act on behalf of the members of the organization.  Directors are expected to serve on C.A.R. Committees, prepare themselves by keeping abreast of the issues of importance to the industry, and provide for an ongoing flow of communications between the membership and the State Association.